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Tipanic – Lazed & Confused (free album dl)

юни 9, 2010

Tipanic е забъркал гювеч с таговете, които съм маркирал. Изключено е да не си харесате парче, ако не и две. Тегли се безплатно за определен период от време. Не проспивайте момента. (за визуализация на Rock’N Roll Is Very Simple от албума, цъкнете тук)

Избрах в блога ми да се просвирва ремиксът му на Khia – My Neck My Back (Lick It) 

Its been almost 2 years since the first songs for the album have been produced. Not sure about whether it is because Tipanic alias Florian Richling is busy producing as Luke Rich together with Adam Lukas Dancehall artists all over the world, he is running the highhat studio and the labels BASSRUNNER and BIG-N-HAIRY together with David Salomonowitz, Adam Lukas and Bernhard Grossauer or because of the growing popularity of Vienna’s first and only Retro-Soulband “Tiger Tales” in which he hits the drums hard & heavy;
However Lazed & Confused is a mixture of Electro-, Tribal- and Tropical orientated House mixed with some weird cover version (Khia – My Neck, Michael Jackson – Rock With You).
Co-Produced by his good friend Chacki Chen alias Kristof Wöginger.


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