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Dusty @ Straightup

ноември 21, 2008

За Dusty накратко: каквато продукцията му, такива и сетовете! Superior and highly recommended!

„Head man of Jazz and Milk Recordings and producer laying it thick.“


1. Electric Mud I Just Want To Make Love To You [Chess]
2. The Soulfadelics The big Chase [Tramp Rec]
3. Black Hawk feat. The Soul Investigators I got the number [Number Nine]
4. Ammoncontact „Infinity of Rhythm Mix“ [Keepintime/Ninja Tune]
5. Radio City Everything [Ubiquity]
6. I.N.T. Dickriders [Nod Navigators]
7. Zimpala The Breeze is Black – Bobby Hughes Experience Remix [Wonderwheel]
8. Mulatu Astatke Emnete [Soundway]
9. Quantic and Nickodemus Puerto Rico Beats [Candela Rec]
10. Romanowski Flagranti [Jazz and Milk]
11. The Outlines Listen to the Drums [Sonar Kollektiv]
12. Free the Robots Jazzhole [Jazz and Milk]
13. Rjd2 Let the Good Times Roll [Def Jux]
14. Quantic Soul Orchestra Talking Drums Whispering Vinyl [Keepintime/Ninja Tune]
15. Erik Sumo The Real Moustache – Vono Box DJ’s remix [Pulver Rec]
16. Sam Irl Watch A Gwaan [Pulver Rec]
17. Pharoah Roche Sun Of A Beach [Sonar Kollektiv]
18. Bo Baral No Time To Wallow In The Myrrh [Perfect Toy]
19. Jumbonics Jezebel – Diesler Remix [Tru Thoughts]
20. Mashed Up Funk Black Heat [Unknown]
21. Sam Irl Keep Talkin [Pulver Rec]
22. The Broken Keys Sling Short Pt.2 [Tru Thoughts]
23. Nirobi and Barakas Bungee Jump against Racism – Diesler Mix [Tru Thoughts]



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