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Funk 4 Peace!!!

ноември 1, 2008

Музикални блогове с лопата да ги ринеш, особено пък тези, водещи до Rapidshare. Разглеждайки един от тях попаднах на този коментар, публикуван заради поместения в темата линк към албума.   


First off we would like to thank you for the support!
Secondly, we would like to ask you to remove our album RADIO FREE DC download link from your blog. It is really hard for musicians in this day and age to make a living when people are giving our music away for free. We spent our life savings making this record. We would appreciate it if you would remove this immediately.
We appreciate your understanding to this.
In return, I would like to offer you several download links to download songs from the album. These are official Fort Knox links.
INSIGHT featuring Asheru
FUNK 4 PEACE featuring Mustafa Akbar
THE PARTY PUSHERS featuring Mustafa Akbar
I also wanted to offer you several mix cd links for posting as well.

Big thanks for your understanding on this.
Funk 4 Peace!!!
Respect from the Fort Knox Five“

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