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KiNK – Get Nervous 12“ (BOE rec.)

август 29, 2008
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Click the following links to listen to the tracks:

A1) KiNK – Get Nervous

KiNK returns to boe after his mesmeric first full solo outing with the Signal EP back in march. This time, he drops an unbelievably groovy original house track that will be a sure fire winner for those who like a bit of swing and noodle. Get Nervous has the trademark KiNK electronic percussion elements with fuzzy hats and crisp claps that tickle the listener in to the subtle intro. The track slowly builds energy with the increasing release on a synth bell twisted with ping pong delays before the swinging bass hits you with a thump. The track grooves its way along until reaching a crescendo where the beat kicks back in and an automated moog synth from disco hell takes it to a hands in the air moment.
On remix duty is the Dutch man of the moment, David Labeij from Polder. With previous solo releases on Sushitech and Remote Area, David is the ideal artist to complement the sound of Get Nervous. David uses the original samples intelligently and layers them to a modern tech house track that has a moody late night feel. Just how we like it.
jimpster: oh yeah, tasty, deep, dubby, niceness that’ll work a treat. quality stuff.
harri: really like this, both mixes rock.
jeff samuel: really like the original mix. twisted in the best possible way, will play.

Hipp-e: Thanks for this release, will support both mixes..nice stuff..keep it coming

murray richardson: Comments: like the sound of this on the original tip!

james talk: kink is the man, this is super hot!

onionz: Nice deep weirdness

luke solomon: i am a big Kink fan

ewan pearson: both mixes are great. whoop!

Shur-i-kan: feeling the more dubby feel of the labeij remix

Mazi: Both versions are cool but I think more use will come of the Kink original. Tweaky, freaky and ultimately groovy; it’s just gonna work!

Matt Masters (Freerange): Love the bassline on the remix – it will go down a storm in the clubs!! Wicked 9/10

Rob Pearson: right up my alley, both solid tracks which i will play, BIG UP!!!!!

Leigh Morgan (urban torque): nice bleep groovesome house

Matthew Cooper (dirty disco, leeds): really like both tracks but the rmx is the one for me

Christian Maiden (technique, leeds): Best release on boe yet cannot wait to play both mixes out. Cheers

Julian Sanza: (2020 Vision) love it, quirky baby!

Mieka Du Franx: Kink knocks it. I’m feeling both cuts. i like the bassline Labeij added in his remix

funky transport (club snafu): yup, feeling both these mixes. deep, swingy jams. good work.

Alex (MassTransit): Another marvellous slab from BOEJAM records. Out and out wonkiness from Kink, perfect to scare the kiddies with at halloween. The Labeij version is, as you’d expect, somewhat more restrained… Which is no bad thing. Just like his collaborations with lauhaus, less n more, and means tracks that can be used in all sorts of contexts. Like Brisks & 1st communions as well as sweaty warehouse raves.

Nacho Marco (loudeast): Liking the original, will play it.

Royal Sapien (Proton Radio / friskyRadio): Great mix of funk, soul, and techno. Nice thick beats with a solid groove. The original mix could be HUGE. David Labeij’s more chilled tech house take on the tune is really nice.

rob clarke (chicaboom/chicagohousefm): kink really is a fine producer. picked up his last release on boe and this picks up where that 1 left off. love the polished glitchy sounds and fat basses this dude uses. this really is minimal house with „the funk“. awesome depth on both trax. david label j mix adds more of a skippy feel which i dig too.will be supporting on radio aswell as in club sets.

Tobias Koch (Radio FRITZ): really excellent work in both mixes! but the original mix is mine!

Ray Colclough (Ireland, Beat 102 -103 fm): both versions are savage.davids remix is that little bit darker, looking forward to play this one out. cheers

Stefan Anion (Proton Radio / Bluecast): Love the new sound. Very cool stuff. Will definetly be playing.

Robin Munro (Fresh Air): Love the twisted beats and acid bleeps – simply a top notch EP!

purchase: juno



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