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Unforscene – Dangerous [Diesler Club Remix] FREE MP3!!!

юни 12, 2008
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„…Yes no need to test your eyes, they aren’t kidding and no I haven’t gone mad either, honest!!

Those kind people at Tru Thoughts and that talented Bristol bunch, Unforscene, are offering the Diesler remix of ‘Dangerous’, from Unforscene’s latest album on Tru Thoughts ‘Fingers & Thumbs’, to you for sweet F.A!!

Giving it my usual ‘rub-for-the-clubs’ please treat yourself to a download of Unforscene ft. Phil King – Dangerous (Diesler Club Remix) – HERE !

**Please ‘right click’ & ‘save as’**

Please feel free to spread the word (well song…) too!!

(if that link doesn’t work please head to …“

подаръкът е осигурен от: diesler  

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  1. юни 12, 2008 4:30 pm

    даa и аз подскочих сутринта като изскочи в рийдъра :D

  2. Хасан permalink
    юли 2, 2008 11:52 am

    Харно, харно! Бих го пускал.

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