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април 15, 2008

New label from the heart of East London, BOE Recordings have dropped their second EP, this time from Bulgarian wunderkid KINK. With strong support from the likes of Paul Woolford, Burnski (who was BOE’s first release), Laurent Garnier, and Mark Knight, BOE are quickly being established as a must watch label. Sometimes and Skip The Groove Ft Rachel Row are a pair of up front House tracks, guaranteed to get bums shaking and feet moving, but for me it is all about the title track. Signal is the kind of Acid House monster that destroys dance floors and drives people insane at 5am. There is so much wonk in this, I feel like I am going to fall over. Great stuff.


You can listen to the clips here:

Skip the Groove Ft. Rachel Row

The EP has also had some great feedback:

Paul Woolford (We Love Sundays at Space/Basics/Global – Global)
‘Its lovely thank you sir.’

Burnski (Morris Audio/boe)
„Can’t wait to play this out at Basics!“

Kris Needs (DMC Update / Various – UK)
‘A good start to 2008 – not surprised Mr Woolfords supporting this cos its right in that floor-detonating techno-house hybrid refined in the labs last year breaking boundaries and opening up stunning new sonic vistas. Basically minimal with 90s Basic Channel riffs but on the button for right now. Expect frothing review.’

Marcin Hubert (Audio Trash / Friendly Beats / Friendly Movin – Warsaw / Poland)
‘every tune here is quality fresh and really well produced. i like that acid swing of Sometimes but SKip The Groove (nice funky edits) and Signal are my favourite tunes here. will play out both in the club environment but im gonna support the whole release in my radio show at radio Bis. forward thinking ass shaking 4/4 electronic dance music. with soul.’

Ziggy Slezak (I-DJ Magazine – UK)
‘both signal and skip the groove are right up my street’
Favourite Track / Mix: 3. Skip The Groove – Feat Rachel Row

Murray Richardson (Worldwide – Rebel Waltz )
‘this is a wicked ep great fresh sound! – charting and supporting’
Favourite Track / Mix: 3. Skip The Groove – Feat Rachel Row

Lee Mortimer (Front Room / Slide):
„I’m a big fan of signal“

Jo Mills (Circo Loco / Various – Worldwide)

Shur i kan (Various International – UK)
‘Like Signal nice dirty twisted business with a touch of distinctiveness.’

Laurent Garnier (everywhere – everywhere )
‘Sometimes is the one for me ‘
Favourite Track / Mix: 1. Signal

Mark Knight (MoS / Various – UK)
‘Boe is shaping up to be a must-check label thanks for sending these.’

Spettro (USA)
This is one of my favorite producers. Kink has been a big source of inspiration for me the last year and 1/2. The ‘Signal’ track is a SCREAMER. crikey, watch out, this will light up the dancefloor! This one will be a lot of play from me and will be charted. I love this guy.

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