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ASA [asha]

януари 31, 2008

ASA се справя по-добре от Деймиън и правдиво ми напомни за Боб. И Уил Смит е готин (сещаш-се-къде), но това e по-красиво! Fire оn the mountain e моята песен в общия ни четвъртъчен джубокс.   

Fire on the mountain

There is fire on the mountain And nobody seems to be on the run Oh there is fire on the mountain top And nobody is running

I wake up in the morning Tell you what I see on my TV screen I see the blood of an innocent child And everybody’s watching

Now am looking out my window And what do I see I see an army of a soldier man Matching across the street

Hey Mr soldier man Tomorrow is the day you go to war But you are fighting for another man’s cause And you don’t even know him

What did he say to make you so blind ? To you conscience and reason Could it be love for your country ? Or for the gun you use in killing

There is fire on the mountain And nobody seems to be on the run Oh there is fire on the mountain And nobody is arunnin

He Mr Lover man Can I get a chance to talk to you ? Cause you are fooling with a dead man’s corpse And you don’t know what you do

So you say you have a lover And you love her like know other So you buy her a diamond That someone has died on Don’t you think there something wrong/with this

Tell me who’s responsible For what we teach our children Is it the internet ? Or the stars on television Why o why o

So little Lucy turns sixteen And like the movie she’s been seeing She has a lover in her daddy She can’t tell nobody Till she makes the evening news

On day the river will over flow And there’ll be no where for us to go And we will run, run Wishing we had put out the fire


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  1. февруари 1, 2008 10:13 am

    факин’ грейт! :)

    супер зареждащо парче… сега остава да пуснеш и линк към албум ;)

  2. февруари 4, 2008 3:17 pm

    Да, дамата определено става от мойте вече.

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